For Book Clubs

current-affairs-coverx100READER’S GUIDES FOR: Current Affairs: A Tiara Investigations Mystery

1. Leigh: A central theme of the book is mid-life reinvention. For Leigh was it reinvention, or actually a mid-life return to her “real” self? To quote from Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “What I needed was to gather myself, to pull the bones together, to find the lost ones, and to sort them and sing over them.” What aspects of her new life have brought her happiness?
2. Victoria: All three detectives have a character arc during the series. What is Victoria’s?
3. Tara: IMHO, each protagonist has a lot to recommend her, but everyone seems drawn to Tara. What gives her this much charisma?
4. Here’s a bonus question: What is Leigh’s husband’s name?

domestic_affairs_cover_x100READER’S GUIDES FOR: Domestic Affairs: A Tiara Investigations Mystery

1. You learned the name of Leigh’s husband in this book. It’s Jack. What adjectives describe him?
2. Will Leigh and Jack be happy once he retires?
3. Do you think Tara will be happy married?
4. The book ends with Leigh’s husband’s asking her to run away with him. Will she go with him? Where should they go?
5. Most of us have had a friend who is married to someone we don’t like. Which husband is your favorite? Jack? Shorty? Paul?